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Plasma Etch Electrodes

TEL Etchers
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Plasma Etch Electrodes

Raw Material - Single Crystal Silicon

The raw materials of the silicon electrodes are carefully controlled according to the supplier specifications.

Inspection item Specification Receiving inspection
P-type (Boron dope) Purchase specifications and
Delivery specifications
Based on the inspection results
of a Crystal Puller
Crystal orientation (1,0,0)
Slip Acid etching and visual inspection
Resistivity Four prove measurement
Size Slide calipers and Micrometer
Heat treatment According to spec.

Electrode Plate-Machining technology

Our machining technology enable us to deliver superior surface finish of the gas hole.

SEM Photographs of gas hole

SEM Photographs of gas hole

Other products

For TEL ® Etchers:
Carbon electrode; TE-580, TE-5000 series, TE-8500, UNITY
Silicone electrode; TE-5000 series, TE-8500, UNITY-DP * IEM * AIEM * SCCM
Carbon focus ring; TE-7000 series, UNITY-DM * DRM
Silicon focus ring; TE-7000 series, UNITY-DM * DRM * IEM * AIEM * SCCM

For LAM Research ® Etchers:
Edge ring, Hot edge ring
Insert ring